Friday, October 24, 2014

In Oakland Cemetery

From the pageantry of Sunday In The Park to All Hallows' Eve, Oakland Cemetery brings Victoriana to life every October. See the grounds for yourself or better yet, join a guided tour. The popular Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween may have sold out for this year, but joining the Historic Oakland Foundation at the $40 level gives donors access to Sights, Symbols & Stories tours year 'round and first choice of tickets to the 2015 Halloween festivities.
Historic Oakland Foundation

fashion / flora // sown / style

Flora 13
As our exhibition fashion / flora // sown / style enters its final week, please meet artist Christina Kwan of the blog Tide & Bloom. Her floral painting giclées chime beautifully with my street fashion portraits and have shown me new ways of seeing my own work. Such wonderful gifts come from collaboration. I have exhibited with other photographers, in large mixed media shows and solo, but being half of a duet concentrates the mind in ways all its own.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

fashion / flora // sown / style

The opening party for fashion / flora // sown / style drew a stylish crowd. Here is the fifth of many great looks from that evening.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Art On The BeltLine

All portraits are collaborations. This one took on a life of its own and kept us busy for the better part of a hour. Please meet Art On The BeltLine photographer Ken Walters, whose tintypes recall technology of the mid-nineteenth century. Those lengthy exposures may be timed by (what else) an iphone, but owe nothing to electricity. There am I with my digital camera and bicycle. Toxic chemicals remain wet until fixed upon the copper plates inside a portable darkroom. Such an arresting sight on the BeltLine Eastside trail stopped another photographer, this one harkening to the mid-twentieth century. His classic Leica M3 realized the spontaneity promised by film and was a favorite tool of journalists. Never a darkroom guy, I do not miss the chemicals and dedicated workspaces, yet wrapping my mind around the notion of digital files replacing negatives or transparencies took some time. That three eras of photographic processes would converge under the Highland Avenue bridge and not, say, in an art gallery speaks to the connective power of our BeltLine. Please follow this link to a schedule of today's Art On The BeltLine events.
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