Sunday, July 31, 2011

A First Anniversary

Two visitors from Birmingham share the honor of
launching Atlanta Street Fashion. In the record-
breaking heatwave of 2010, when so many others
either remained indoors or wilted into shorts and
tees, these young ladies found the time to share their
original looks with a blogger in that quintessential
Atlanta thoroughfare, Peachtree Street.

Later that Saturday these fellows became its third and fourth subjects.

It Ain't Whatcha Do It's The Way Thatcha Do It
with thanks to Fun Boy Three and Bananarama

So began this blog one year ago today. Its 296 posts have captured the unique styles of more than 300 people and I am grateful that you would share them with me for a wider audience. Google counts 45,000 page views, proving your popularity. As Billy Crystal liked to say, "You look marvelous."


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