Monday, August 1, 2011

Oakland Cemetery: A Year In Pictures

Oakland rewards her friends in many ways. Historic re-enactors and steampunk fantasists alike look forward to Sunday In The Park each October. Winter brings a fog that blurs the boundary between this world and the hereafter, isolating Victorian funerary art from the modern Atlanta skyline. Her garden plots are resplendent in spring flower while the feathery sorts of falcons and hawks swoop above this urban wildlife sanctuary in search of prey. Contemporary Atlantans may leave their marks upon events like Tunes From The Tombs or lawn picnics at the conclusion of leisurely summer bicycle rides. All of this has been my pleasure to witness and now to share with you on the walls of Marlee's Coffee and Tea in the Pencil Factory.

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  1. Uncanny... we're focusing on Oakland Cemetery this week too!


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