Friday, July 15, 2016


Last night 84 people were senselessly murdered in France as they celebrated liberty, history and life. When George Hanna III and I were in Paris during the November attacks, one of the most incredible things to witness and be inspired by was how the citizens mourned respectfully and with gentle care. There were no street declarations of revenge, no rioting, destruction of property or violent backlash. The next day, everything was up, everyone was working, and then there was an incredible organic vigil at the Republic for those who were so cruelly ripped away from those who loved them. Thousands brought flowers and candles and made a powerful stand against terror.
Tonight, at Paris on Ponce, we will be modifying our Bastille Day Festivities in honor of those that we all lost last night. We will still meet as planned at Charles Allen and 10th at 6:30 to kick off our parade with Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, and we will show ourselves and Atlanta that we care about this global community and will not be bullied into fear or loathing. But rather than parting the night away with multiple bands as planned, we will have a candlelit vigil into the night.
We will be taking donations for the American Red Cross, and serving some wine. Please come celebrate life, liberty and hope with us tonight.
Then, join us for our regularly scheduled nonsense the rest of the weekend.

Nicolette Valdespino

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