Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Street Scene: North Highland Avenue

dress: Madewell
shoes: Minnetonka
iced coffee: Aurora
Make haste to the North Highland Avenue location of Aurora Coffee for its final week. It was here that Atlanta learned to love espresso drinks. I've been a fan from the beginning, when it shared the space with a salon and change from $2 sufficed for a tip. Nowadays the former residence is all coffee shop, gorgeously illuminated by windows on three sides. A talent incubator, it has nurtured many youthful dreams. Everyone has an Aurora story. Two of my favorites: one morning my dog slipped his leash outside and the barista allowed him to enter so we could corner and recapture him. On another fateful day, the dulcent tones of Belle and Sebastian first fell upon my ears there. Yes, those same bean varietals, roasted here by Batdorf & Bronson, will continue to distinguish the Little Five Points location. Aurora growlers and coffee carts may well appear. Along with Steady Hand at the Iberian Pig and plans for an Octane roastery, the evolution of Atlanta's coffee culture carries on.
disclaimer: I received nothing in return for writing this nor do I expect anything more than the pleasure of sharing these thoughts with you.

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