Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Decatur Pop Up Revisited

Whether dressing or cooking, success lies in combinations offering contrast, balance and harmony. Timing helps, too, so when Jarrett Stieber found himself between gigs at Empire State South and a soon to be open Asheville restaurant, he alighted in the kitchen of Desayuno, the weekday pop-up inside Decatur's Iberian Pig. His Old World tortillas are small frittatas incorporating barbeque the day I visited. Translucent radish slices bring peppery warmth to fiddle head fern in a gorgeous mound of coils and circles. Baby carrots in pork fat vinaigrette play with a pork belly at turns unctious and crisp in its salinity. The fleeting nature of this scheme leaves tomorrow, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week as our last chances to try these tapas. However, all is not lost to North Carolina: Stieber will continue to consult with Steady Hand Pour House as their future unfolds. They are lucky to have him and I cannot wait to see where these energies take them.
disclaimer: This time I did sing for my supper. It was so good that I added words to the images in hope that more people may enjoy Desayuno.

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