Monday, January 7, 2013

In Oakland Cemetery: A Tale Of Three Bloggers

Take the authors of three Atlanta blogs and steep them in an historic setting. The resulting brew reminds me that the most radical thing we can do is introduce people to one another. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Teodora Nicolae, The Fashion Lush and Terence S Jones-a guy with a camera. Ms. Nicolae and I first crossed paths last winter, when my blogging caught her attention in the world of public relations. We hadn't much time that day-blowing daggers it was-but the resulting portrait remains a favorite and began an enduring conversation.
With fellow lensman William Frank Fox, Mr. Jones recently hosted Punkt.Project, a crowd-sourced photographic exhibition benefitting Operation Peace in the Old Fourth Ward. I sent two images, but was called out of town for the weekend and missed the event.
Our three schedules aligned at last on Wednesday, when the collaboration that he proposed took place in Oakland Cemetery. Seeing another's approach to fashion portraiture was instructive. "Smile like you hate me," said he, to which she complied with a devilish grin. Muse and photographer offer their respective views of the afternoon here and here.


  1. so lovely and we should must remember our past. Great thoughts are attached with that life.


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