Monday, January 21, 2013

Hound Coats In Oakland Cemetery

What passes for the winter in Georgia has arrived, bringing both a dry chill and unlimited UV rays. We cope with it via sunscreen, moisturizer and layers. Rachel, Kevin and their Spanish Greyhound, Canela, were the very picture of such seasonal style when we met by chance on the BeltLine three weeks ago. Turns out I was not their sole admirer that afternoon. Elizabeth and her Italian Greyhound, Lucy, paused to inquire about the coat keeping Canela warm. Coursing hounds are a desert breed, after all. The result is this happy reunion and photo op showing the two new looks Rachel made for Lucy. Lucky dogs are they to have such a sympathetic and talented designer! If you would care to know more about Hound Coats, leave word below or send me an email.

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