Monday, November 4, 2013

A Tribute to Abbie Howard By David Moore

Our dear Abbie Howard, it’s just not fair
To have your body lying there
Beneath the roots of this old tree
Without a stone to identify thee

The visitors here just walk right by
Unknowing of the place you lie
And so it remains a mystery
Your place in Atlanta’s history

You came this way from Louisiana
To seek your fortune in Atlanta
A city which had been set ablaze
And mired in post civil war malaise

But business woman that you were
Saw fertile ground for the entrepreneur
And brought us out of our depression
By establishing mankind’s oldest profession

They called your establishment a house of sin
But you couldn’t dissuade the legions of men
Who sought refuge from their daily chores,
In the company of your charming girls.

You provided work and a place to dwell
For  women who had chose to sell
Their wit, charm, and sophistication
In lieu of the marriage certification

You scoffed at the moralizers and critics
Defending your lifestyle to all of your cynics
The temperance workers who chose to condemn
Didn’t know what it was like to put up with those men

Married life would not have been all that sunny
All the cooking and cleaning without all that money
Because what they say is so true in the end
Diamonds…. are a girl’s best friend

Discriminating provider of services to men
And Margaret’s inspiration in Gone with the Wind
Because Historian Garrett determined that Belle
Was really our Abbie (can I get a “do tell?)
Yep, that’s the truth (it came from Franklin’s mouth)
An authority on history down here in the South

 In 1905 your time had expired
 No longer quenching the thirsts of desire
You were buried at Oakland under the dirt
Lying down on your back, but not having to work

David Moore

Please follow this link to the Athens Banner-Herald for the remarkable story of how the marker came to be dedicated.

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  1. Oh gosh I was at an event y'all were at and had no idea! One on my goals in life is to be featured on this blog ;)


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