Friday, October 11, 2013

TuLi Designs

What began as an importing business called Turquoise Peach has evolved into a line of orginal scarves inspired by calligraphy and stained glass windows Lindsay Masters Peterson saw in Istanbul. "No other city in the world fuses the east and the west with such ease. It's also where modern meets old and they live side by side - making the web of eras delightfully enchanting." Her new venture is called TuLi, derived from bits of the former name and her own that offers an hint of things to come. Remember: those annual flowers so popular in Holland were first cultivated by the Turks. Following ancient practice, Peterson washes her fabrics in rosewater. What results "feels airy enough to wear year-round
in any climate."
Underpinning all the charm are an inherited, entrepreneurial bent and a baccalaureate from the University of Alabama Department of Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design, where she majored in fashion retailing. "As much as I learned from my degree, nothing could prepare me for the real life experience of running a business. Most days it feels like an up-hill battle. But in the end, being able to work on something you're passionate about on a daily basis is a blessing, and I'm so grateful. I look forward to what the future has in store - hopefully a lot of TuLi!"

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