Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In Piedmont Park: A Thrift Score

Some people just have a knack for thrifting. It helps to enjoy the chase. Yes, some gorgeous items may not be one's size and other days yield nothing at all, but finding such a geometric print in Santa Cruz is a cause for celebration. Have you a favorite story from the hunt for vintage goodness?


  1. Where do you go thrift! I'm in Atlanta too!
    xoxo - Kate Styled Pretty

  2. Atlantans are spoiled for choice, be they looking for thrifty bargains at Goodwill and Salvation Army or well selected vintage collections. That said, Clothing Wearhouse, Lucky Exchange, Modern Mercantile & Trade, Nearly New, Poor Little Rich Girl and Rag-O-Rama come to mind. Don't miss pop-ups like Indie Craft Experience and Revival Of Vintage. Happy hunting!


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