Tuesday, December 11, 2012

At Ralph Lauren

Roger Moenks
Oglethorpe University student and Clinton Global Initiative Ambassador Awet Woldegebriel is the founder of Knowledge Aid.
The ageless Sylvia Earle reminded us that, in ways large and small, everyone makes a difference.
Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta
Ralph Lauren, of course
Known for his portraits of fashionable philanthropists, photographer Roger Moenks has turned his lens to environmentalists and calls the body of work, I Am Eco Warrior. In his honor, Ted Turner, Laura Turner Seydel, Carter Roberts, Sylvia Earle and Costas Christ held a reception and book signing in the Ralph Lauren store at Lenox Mall. Fifteen percent of that evening's sales were donated to Chattahoochee Riverkeeper. Seydel thanked Moenks for making environmentalism sexy. She also lauded the green voting record of Congressman John Lewis and looks to rural churches for spreading the word as stewardship of creation. The issue affects all of us and must be approached in as many ways. Moenks sees his book as but part of a "multi-dimensional media platform to enable individuals and groups to connect, share and directly participate in the new eco-economy."

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  1. i was supposed to go to this event but the day got away from me! the photos look great!

    xoxo Jessica


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