Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Decatur: TOMS Next Chapter

People like TOMS not only for the fashionable footwear but their generous 'One for One' program that matches every purchase with a free pair given to a child in need of new shoes. Last September that number reached an historic millionth donation. Along the way, TOMS has learned much about the needs of this world.
When the time came to launch a new product line, they did so with great style. Squash Blossom Boutique in Decatur was but one of one hundred retailers nationwide chosen to break the news by opening sealed store displays at half-past one (10:30 PST for the home office in California) this afternoon. Large enough to hold a mannequin, its mystery kept the crowd abuzz with speculation. 'Bags' was a favorite guess.
First there was a celebration of canvas. Then we watched an introductory video.
At last came a text message, 'Green Light', and the doors opened to reveal a collection of classically styled sunglasses. The matching gift can be realized in one of three ways: prescription glasses, clinical therapy, or, if required, sight-saving surgery. From my own experience serving the needs of migrant farm workers, I remember their pleas for eye wash and salute TOMS for recognizing this condition and acting to relieve it.
Cath of The Asian Cajuns liked this twist on the classic aviator frame.
The distinctive walnut temples are joined with TOMS signature blue at a stripe of white representing someone's need fulfilled. Bravo!

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  1. So great to see you today. You captured great crowd photos. I'm going to be saving up for those aviators!


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