Thursday, April 14, 2011

With Gratitude To All Readers

Atlanta Street Fashion has been tagged! The crafty Lady Katza of Peanut Butter Macrame shared some love by naming it a Liebster Blog. This award is one that she herself accepted on two conditions. First, say thank you! Then pass it along to other blogs whose followers number fewer than 100. Recognition is sweet, both for my time and the efforts you put into the original looks shown here. Following the chain a bit was a charming diversion and something I will encourage by nominating these fellow travellers.
  • The Minneapoline-Ellen Dahl looks at the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul, where the climate is much colder than Atlanta's. These people make an art of layering. Ellen, please don't be offended if you've more followers than I realize. We can all appreciate a few more!
  • Curb Appeal-Atlanta's other street fashion blog was started in January by Shanita. I cannot wait 'til we've posted the same people ; ) This happened frequently between my Chattanooga blog and the Times Free Press.
  • I Dream Of Bicycling-Lady Katza cited my enthusiasm for cycling in this award. Here is an Atlanta blog of bicycling advocacy written by a stylish commuter.
  • ATL Bike Porn-Hot bikes from the streets of Atlanta are the subject of posts on this tongue-in-cheek forum. Yes, readers are encouraged to submit pictures. Do so today!
  • Sweet Georgia Brown-Blogging takes time and lots of it. While posts to this bike style blog were more numerous in years past, much of 2011 remains. If there is a way, Courtnee, please!

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