Friday, September 3, 2010

Profile: LRW Designs

Colorful geometry and whimsey first encountered at the Gifted! market in Roswell promised a memorable meeting with the artist herself. Lynn Weinberg graciously invited me into her home studio to talk about these creations. What began with the carding and spinning of fibers evolved into hand-painting of silks for "the long, flowing dresses, 'wearable art'," she remembers. While the gutta French resist technique is now applied to her scarves alone, these delightful cotton jackets are hand-painted at the same batik workshop that she has employed from the beginning, when her husband's naval career took them to the Phillipines.
Such detail recalls a military campaign ribbon while her scarves pay homage to Alexander Calder and Piet Mondrian. It's easy to see this stilled flock taking flight on a breeze of one's own making in the wake of a bicycle or convertible sports car. Yes, these bits were the scraps. "We waste nothing," she is proud to say. More odds and ends coalesce into necklaces or earrings.
If all this creativity weren't enough for one, Weinberg has also run the business end of things since her partner retired from that role. "It's easy in this age of computers," she claims. To see for yourself how this multi-talented lady organizes the elements of her lifestyle, save the dates October 6-7 for Gifts Galore & More, an exposition of clothing, art, yoga and personal care.

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