Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Virginia-Highland: Cycle Chic

romper: GLAM
boots: Baker
bag: vintage Kenneth Cole
watch: father’s vintage Seiko
jewelry and sunglasses: vintage
bicycle: built up by Loose Nuts Cycles

A chance encounter over vintage bicycles resulted in
shoptalk about a mutual interest in fashion blogging.
Odd how gossip begets gossip. From bikes to looks,
what do idle bloggers have to say for themselves?
“My mom was into yard sales and took me along,”
she told me of her life long interest in thrifting and
bargain shopping. “I remember in fourth or fifth grade,
my friends had an event to bring together and trade
things we didn’t want, girly things and knick knacks.”
Now she shares her finds and tales of Atlanta living with
the followers of LadyFLASHBACK. It’s a fitting name for
someone who draws inspiration from the past while
illuminating the present as both photographer and model.


  1. Cycle Chic command central in Copenhagen salutes you! :-)

  2. i love the photos you choose as well as your write up! thanks for the opportunity cameron!

    jess s///LadyFLASHBACK

  3. You're off with a bang! "Front page" of Copenhagen Cycle Chic!

  4. All of your kindnesses mean I must redouble my efforts at blogging Atlanta Street Fashion!

  5. I saw your nice photos on Copenhagen Cyclechic. Feel free to enter your bicycle fashion shots in my photo contest under the "no lycra" catagory if you like. The odds to win are still pretty good. It is a random drawing, not a contest based on which photos are better.


  6. Love these shots Cameron! And her bike (and romper) are gorgeous!


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