Thursday, May 26, 2016

An Appreciation Of Ashley Alderman

How should I sing the praises of Ashley Alderman? Professionalism was apparent in the tone of her first communication with me. A rising senior at Sequoyah High School, she was in need of a mentor for her summer project to build portfolio of street fashion images. This blog had turned up in her research. Would I help? Of course. In person she was just as delightful, and I was happy to share with her the ways of street fashion blogging. Greeting strangers in public, and asking them to pose, requires a generous measure of diplomacy. Add flexibility, and tenacity in the pursuit of our goals, and working together became second nature for both of us. Never did I sense that she was merely 'going through the motions'. Her approach to photography even gave me pause to reconsider my own. Ashley Alderman would be a credit to any organization fortunate to employ her.

Cameron Adams

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