Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finding Vivian Maier

The much anticipated Vivian Maier documentary film opened Friday at LeFont Theaters. Saturday, between mantinee screenings, Executive Producer Jeff Garlin answered questions and lent us his perspective to this remarkable story of a secretive life's work now being explored posthumously. A presumed European woman who was born in New York and worked as a nanny in mid-twentieth century Chicago, Maier left an enormous volume of documentary photography. She knew that her images compare favorably greats like Helen Leavitt, yet she kept both them and her motive for so doing, secrets. The task of revealing this body of work to the world has fallen to an equally remarkable historian named John Maloof, whose career trajectory has been profoundly shaped by his discovery. Garlin told us that not only has Maloof taken up photography himself, but has endowed a women's photographic scholarship at The Art Institute Of Chicago.

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