Monday, November 11, 2013

Save The Date: Southern Chic Holiday Show

Weaving A Better Life is the business of re:loom. More than repurposing fabric into rugs, scarves and bags, the Initiative For Affordable Housing in Decatur is renewing the fortunes of those in need by teaching them valuable skills. Donations of disused materials both gain and give new life. Care to lend a hand? Visit or call 404-299-9979.
The workflow begins with donated fabric being cut into ribbons, which are rolled into balls of weft.
Delta Airlines donated some safety vests, every bit of which have been upcycled, even the reflective stripes. Panniers, anyone?
At the loom, printed ribbon gains a new, textural identity when it is wefted between the warp threads as she is doing with plastic grocery bags.
On a higher note, donated silk fabric becomes a cozy scarf.
All this and many more vendors will comprise the Southern Chic Holiday Show Tuesday afternoon and evening at ADAC.
Southern Chic Holiday Show

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