Saturday, March 30, 2013



Dear readers,

The time has come for me to pause from the whirl of daily blogging for some well earned rest. Unplugged it will be: a week without Facebook, Flickr, Google Analytics, or Twitter. Oh, what will we do with ourselves? It's been a while since our escape last summer to revisit familiar haunts in Washington, DC and Maryland. This year, the old world beckons us to Paris and Amsterdam. Yes, I plan to ride a Dutch bicycle in the Netherlands and see the Seine from a boat. While a backlog of portraits combined with the wonders of automation might keep up appearances, missing would be my constant attention to the minutia of blogging, the very reason this holiday has become so necessary. Another Atlantan in a similar pickle is bound for The London Tweed Run. Now there will be a story. Look for all this and more great street style after we return.


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