Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pops Of Red: A Legacy

Says her mother of this dress:
"My bag was packed with what few items of civilian clothing I had with me. After all, a combat nurse has little need for sundresses and pearls. Having worked long and emotionally-charged days for five months in Vietnam as a military nurse, I was ready for a short break to the reality of the civilian world.
"Only 21 years of age, I had never been out of the USA until I volunteered to serve in Vietnam. I was quite excited to be going to a foreign country and particularly going to Bangkok with a friend. All I really knew about Bangkok was from fellow staff returning from R&R. The city was a bit overwhelming for a country girl. Multitudes of people were rushing around doing the tasks of everyday life, on bikes, rickshaws, and dangerously fast moving cars with drivers who never heard of road rules.
"The French food was especially delicious; it surely beat brushing the flies off the food in the mess hall to see what was being served! The hotel was more luxurious than I could have imagined. Its nicest aspect was the absence of the sounds and smells of war.
"Shopping was a high priority adventure for me. In one Thai shop I found all the clothing to be handmade and mostly in colorful quality cotton. I spotted a pink and blue floral 'shift' and hoped it would fit. Not only did it fit, it was comfortable in the humidity. I wore it several times that week.
"Now, 41 years later, I am thrilled and amused to see my daughter wear it and love it! Was I really that small once?"
Leslie Hirschberg


  1. This is wonderful. Thanks to mom and daughter.

  2. Thank you! It meant a lot to my mom to be able to write this and tell a little bit of her story.


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