Sunday, November 13, 2011

On Moreland Avenue: Old School Layering

jacket and shirt: Daniel Cremieux
tie: vintage
vest: Ralph Lauren Polo
jeans: Levis
scarf: mom's closet
soundtrack: Philip Michael


  1. Love his vest, and love his movement in your shot!

  2. Yes, we never got around to the poses ; )

  3. Great framing with the graffiti right over his shoulder. Your photos seem especially good this month. This is just a side note - I think you should make all of your photos larger. I feel like they aren't making the impact that they should. But then again I like big art.

    - Meredith

  4. Shaking things up a bit is always good, be it in the technique or the presentation. The former is an easier job for happy-go-lucky me. Putting this blog together brings rigor to the equation and I do tend to stay with the tried and true. However, you have just inspired me to a simple experiment that may well result in larger, future displays for little effort : )


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